Genomics Services

Genomics Services

Flankers Tradecom Pvt. Ltd. Provide Comprehensive research services including “Customized Services” to suit the need of Interested Researcher.

The Company main mission is focused on customer’s convenience and high quality services in Industrial scale for the life science industries and Academic Research Institution around the world.

We Offer a convenient Next generation sequencing, Customized DNA Sequencing, Oligonucleotides, SiRNA and customized gene synthesis and gene expression, SNP genotyping, Bio Ready Assay, Bioinformatics services with the Colabration of world best Genomic services Provider Industry.


    Amplicon Seq/Targeted Seq
  • 16S MicroBiome Profiling
  • Custom Metagenome
  • Amplicon Sequencing
  • Exome Sequencing
    Genome Seq
  • De Novo Genome Sequencing
  • ReSequencing of Genome
  • Whole Genome Metagenone Sequencing
    Epigenetic Seq
  • Whole Genome Bisulfite-Sequencing
  • MeDIP Sequencing
  • ChIP Sequencing
    RNA Seq
  • De Novo RNA Sequencing and Refrence Based RNA Sequencing
  • Metatranscriptome Sequencing
  • Small RNA Sequencing


    Gene Synthesis
  • Short Standard Gene upto 300bp
  • Standard Gene  3000 bp
  • Gene Synthesis standard vector scale
  • Gene Sythesis Custome Vector

DNA Sequencing

  • Sanger Sequencing
  • Primer Walking
  • Ready to Run Sequencing tube/plate
  • Gel based microsatellite genotyping
  • Fragment Analysis
    • DNA Barcoding:
    • 16S Gene Based
    • ITS region Based
    • COX gene based
    • MLST
  • Gene Expression qRT-PCR
  • GMO Testing

DNA Barcoding

DNA Barcoding is a taxonomic method that utilizes short genetic marker in an organism DNA to identify Species. We Provide 16S, 18S, ITS or rbcL and matK as standard primer to generate the unique sequence which helps species level identification of microbes. Gel based DNA profiling or barcoding is done using dominant marker like RAPD, ISSR etc to understand the diversity of population.


    Optimised Application Oligos
    • qPCR
    • MGB Probes
    • Dual Labeled Probes
    • Lightcycler Probes
    • Molecular Beacons
    • SeqPrimer
    • Standard Vector Primer
  • NGSgrade Oligod
    Custome DNA Oligo
  • Custome DNA Oligo in Tubes/Plates
    • DNA Modifications
    • Fluorescent Dyes
    • Non fluorescent Modifications
    • Spacer, Linker, Base & Sugar Modifications
    • Dark quencher
  • RAPD Kit
    Custome RNA Oligo
  • O-Methyl-RNA/Chimerics
    • siMAX siRNA
    • siRNA Modification
    • siRNA Design Tool
  • Custome RNA Modifications


    Genome Analysis
  • Denovo and Refrence guided genome assembly
  • Whole Metagenome Analysis
    RNA Seq Analysis
  • Denovo & Refrence Based RNASeq
  • Small RNA Discovery & Profiling
    Amplicon & Other Analysis
  • 16S MicroBiome Profiling
  • ExomeSeq Analysis
  • Biological Database Development
  • NCBI Submission of data


Proteomics is emerging as a powerful science, as researchers are now interested in studying the structure and functions of various proteins as well as the interaction between them. We provide technical services which would help researchers for structural characterization of biomolecules such as proteins and peptides.

Platform for sequencing and related services

PacBio LS II