Lab Liquid Handling Product

Lab Liquid Handling Product

Our extensive liquid handling portfolio provides a range of tools based on years of experience and innovation. Everything from manual and electronic pipetting, automated liquid handlers, reagent dispensers, as well as pipette tips for any pipette you have in the lab. All you need, including worldwide service, support and application knowledge delivering smart solutions to fit your specific needs in the lab.

You will find the suitable equipment for your liquid handling applications. Explore our range of dispensers, pipettes, burettes and automated liquid handlers here.

Product Range

We take great pride in distributing and representing only the best and proven manufacturer in the liquid handling.

Repetitive Pipette
Positive Displacement Piptte
Piptte Leak Testing Unit
Pippeting Aids
Micro Tips
Micro Pipette
Dispenser Tips
Bottle Top Dispenser
Bottle top Burette
Bottle top Aspirators