Flankers Tradecom provide practically designed labs furniture, these furniture are perfect for today and flexible enough for tomorrow’s modifications. Whether you are creating an only workstation or complete laboratory facility, we can provide all the vital components for an extremely efficient and productive workspace.

Flankers Tradecom aims to provide innovative, fully developed technology laboratory furniture and is the ”Go-to” brand when one expects low maintenance and a trouble-free operation. Rugged and strong in construction through the use of heavy gauge steel; Our products are designed to handle massive loads of heavy duty equipment. All product designs are a perfect blend of comfort, function and aesthetics.

Flankers Tradecom has Collaboration with all tops and reputed brand of world to provide most unique range of laboratory furniture.A carefully detailed design, beautiful and smooth finish and a clean, easy to maintain surface are some of the range’s key features.

Customer service has always been the foremost priority at Flankers Tradecom and our expert engineers always contribute from workstation design to fixing your customized need. Separate tube structure and removable storage system enables them to provide more maintenance flexibility. Many options can be created with limited modules. Our lab solutions have provision for Water, Gas, and Electricity as per requirements. These can be customized as per individual requirements.

We serves clients hailing from various disciplines in the industry, research centers, schools and universities, government agencies and healthcare. From original design and layout through complete installations, Flankers Tradecom has the experience to make your laboratory the best it can be.