Molecular Biology Product

Molecular biology techniques are interwoven within the fields of cell biology, biochemistry, and genetics, allowing researchers to better understand how cellular systems interact through replication, transcription, translation. Successful isolation, purification, detection, and analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins depends a great deal on the reagents used in the protocol. Working with pure, high-grade reagents is essential to any molecular biology technique.

We offers a wide range of high-quality components and kits for nucleic acid isolation and purification from many sample types, cDNA amplification, and protein detection. Maximize your sample yield with simple protocols and minimal prep time with BI’s optimal reagents and reliable molecular biology kits.

Our Molecular Biology Products are to help you accelerate your research.

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All our PCR disposables are made from 100% virgin polypropylene and are lot tested and certified to be free of RNase, DNase, and Human DNA. Autoclavable. Our PCR consumables are available in strips, individual tubes and plates in clear natural color.